What information do you input and what data does CANImmunize collect?

CANImmunize helps you keep your and your family’s immunization records in one place. To do this, CANImmunize collects the information that you enter into the CANImmunize Platform and stores it for you.

You can also use the CANImmunize mobile app without creating an account (a “non-account user”). But if you don’t create an account, your information will only be stored on your device, and will not be saved by CANImmunize for you to use on another device. If you lose your device, you will lose your information. We suggest having a CANImmunize account inorder to store your information safely.

Information entered by me

For CANImmunize to store your personal health information, you must create an account and input your information. To use the CANImmunize Platform (either with or without an account) you must input, at a minimum, your full name, your gender, your date of birth, your email, any immunizations you have had, and either your city and province or the first three digits of your postal code. You may also choose to enter the same information for your children under 16 or any adults that have given you explicit permission to do so. Additionally, if you consent to CANImmunize sending your immunization records to your local public health unit, you will also be required to provide the health card number (e.g. OHIP) of the person whose information you are sending as well as your complete address.

If you choose not to create an account, none of this information will be stored by CANImmunize.

As a non-account user, you must agree to have your information backed up by CANImmunize (that is, saved so that it can be used by you on multiple devices, such as your smartphone and tablet). The only information you should store is your own, your children’s, or an adult’s who has agreed to have you store their information.

CANImmunize will never share your personal information or personal health information with anyone else unless you agree first.

You should make sure that all your devices have strong passwords to stop other people from looking at your personal health information.

Information about where you live

To create a CANImmunize account, you must give either the name of your city and province or the first three digits of your postal code. If you decide to share your records with someone you trust like the local public health authority, you will also be required to give your full address. Information about where you live is used to customize your account and give you information and content that is useful to you.

If you use the CANImmunize Platform, you may allow it to use to your device’s location services in order to provide you with updates about outbreaks near you. This information is not sent to or stored by CANImmunize and is only used by the app for this purpose. You can turn the GPS on or off at any time, under ‘Settings.’

Data collected automatically

CANImmunize automatically collects data about the devices and connections you use to connect to the CANImmunize Platform. CANImmunize collects this data to improve the services we provide and to understand how users like you are connecting to CANImmunize. Here are some examples of the types of data we collect:

  • Your device’s operating system, hardware version, settings, and identifiers.
  • Your browser type, language, time zone, and the IP address you use to connect.

As with most websites, CANImmunize also automatically saves data about how you use the CANImmunize Platform. This data is used to study trends, manage the CANImmunize Platform and make the CANImmunize Platform better so it meets our users’ needs. CANImmunize protects this data in the same secure manner as your personal health information.

CANImmunize may use third-party services (such as Google Analytics) to collect, monitor and study this data – but none of these third-party services will be able to see your personal health information. The third party services collect data to improve how the CANImmunize Platform works. These third-party services have their own privacy policies that cover how they use this data.   

Like many other websites, CANImmunize uses “cookies” to collect and store data on your computer or device to help improve your experience using the CANImmunize Platform. Please see the Cookie Policy for more details.