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Simplify the complexity
of vaccination clinics

Governments and health care systems must vaccinate Canada's population in record time.

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A Global Re-emergence of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

The rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine will be one of the largest and most complex mass health interventions in history. It will also be one of the most important. Let us help:

  • Simplify Complexity
  • Accurate Tracking
  • Secure Data
  • Interoperability
  • Monitor Adverse Events

ClinicFlow gives organizations digital tools to efficiently run paperless vaccination clinics.

Virtual appointment booking, consent and COVID-19 screening

Can be used by hospitals, family health clinics, government and business

Easy-to-use for staff and patients

Digital vaccination receipts

Customizable for workplaces, long-term care and special populations

Standardized terms powered by the Canadian Vaccine Catalogue

Tools to monitor trends and employee vaccination rates

Integration with CANImmunize app

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Digital Vaccination Receipts

Receive proof of vaccinations right to your email or CANImmunize account.

Virtual Booking

Patients can book appointments online, provide their consent and submit a COVID-19 pre-screening.

Vaccination Toolbox

Can be used by hospitals, family health clinics, government and business.

Monitor Vaccination Rates

ClinicFlow provides tools to monitor trends and employee vaccination rates.

COVID-19 Workflow on the ClinicFlow Platform

ClinicFlow is an end-to-end solution for management of your COVID-19 immunization program.

Securely store your vaccination records and access them on your phone, tablet or computer, whenever and however is most convenient for you. Enter your vaccinations and your records will synchronize across devices to help you stay up-to-date.

Receive reminders when it’s time to get vaccinated

Carry your vaccination information wherever you go

Get the facts about vaccination in your province or territory

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We created and manage the pan-Canadian vaccination standards and terminology.

The Canadian Vaccine Catalogue (CVC) is the comprehensive, standards-based resource for vaccine terminology and product information in the country.

This standardized information is critical to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines across Canada, timely data reporting and vaccine safety surveillance.

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Canadian Vaccine Catalogue displaying COVID-19 vaccine vial and information