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Through CANImmunize Labs, we create and test ideas and solutions. From our immunization clinic software, ClinicFlow, to tracking the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada, we ensure our products are evaluated and informed by science.

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Research and development based on customer needs and creative ideas. CANImmunize Labs creates and tests immunization solutions that can be scaled in the real-world. See some of our solutions below.

A mock-up of ClinicFlow for mobile and tablet.
Partners: Bruyère Continuing Care, Your Health Votre Sante Clinic

Preparing for the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

In Ottawa, CANImmunize and Bruyère piloted ClinicFlow in the hospital’s influenza vaccination clinics for staff and their family members as a test run for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

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Using ClinicFlow immunization software reduced time to immunization by 50% and saved more than 38 hours in administrative time over one week.

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The pilot was funded by the CAN Health Network, a federally funded program focused on growing Canadian solutions, and supporting companies to scale across the Canadian marketplace, while strengthening the health care system.

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We also partnered with Your Health Votre Sante Medical Clinic to successfully test the solution at a family health clinic.

“The CAN Health Network is supporting made-in-Canada health solutions, which is critical to solving the challenges we are facing today, while helping our economy recover. This new partnership between Bruyère and CANImmunize is an excellent example of homegrown innovation that benefits Canadians now. Together, we are helping businesses advance their innovative technologies to keep Canada at the forefront of health care innovation as we work to rebuild a stronger economy.”

The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages and Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).

Partners: The centre for Innovation and Research in Aging, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Improving immunization rates in older adults in long-term care and retirement residences

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Older adults in long-term care homes (LTC) and retirement residences need to be vaccinated against flu, shingles, pneumonia and the virus causing COVID-19. Vaccination tracking is important for knowing who is protected, which vaccine they received and if they need additional doses.

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In partnership with York Care Centre in Fredericton, CANImmunize is testing immunization tracking for seniors living in retirement residences and their caregivers, while providing data to residence administrators. This will be important in managing COVID-19 outbreaks in these settings.

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We will evaluate the impact on seniors’ influenza and pneumococcal vaccination rates to inform the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

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This project has the potential to be implemented in long-term care and retirement homes across the country.

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Funding is provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Healthy Seniors Pilot Project.

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“Our research and long-term care organizations share a common goal to be innovative, embrace new ideas, and foster partnerships that lead to improved quality of life for all older adults. We are thrilled to partner with CANImmunize on this research project, and thankful to the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Government of New Brunswick for their support.”

Tony Weeks, President & CEO, York Care Centre, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Partners: CANVAS

Tracking Vaccine Safety

Vaccines are one of society’s greatest success stories, but like any treatment, there can be rare adverse events following immunization (AEFIs).

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To monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in Canada, the Canadian Immunization Research Network’s Canadian National Vaccine Safety Network (CANVAS) has partnered with CANImmunize to use the CANImmunize mobile app to report vaccine-related adverse events.

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CANImmunize’s vaccine safety reporting feature was also tested as part of flu vaccine campaigns at The Ottawa Hospital and the Family Immunization Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital, in partnership CANVAS.

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Funded by The Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund and The Ottawa Hospital Academic Medical Association (TOHAMO).

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Helping Canadians Understand Vaccine Needs

Adult Immunization Self-Assessment Tool

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This digital screening tool can be adapted to help adult Canadians learn about vaccines and find out the vaccines they need.  It helps adults and healthcare providers understand guidelines, safety and eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine. This will be essential as the eligibility criteria for this vaccine will be continually changing.

Immunity Warriors

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A digital comic to teach kids about the immune system
and the importance of immunization.

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Alien invaders descend on a world while defensive forces prepare to battle the intruders... is this the plot from a new blockbuster movie? No, this is the story of Immunity Warriors: Invasion of the Alien Zombies, an online motion comic to educate school-aged kids about the immune system and the importance of vaccination.

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