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CANImmunize is a free digital tool for Canadians that securely stores your vaccination records and helps you get vaccinated on time.

How it works

The CANImmunize App

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Securely store your vaccination records and access them on your phone, tablet or computer, whenever and however is most convenient for you. Enter your vaccinations and your records will synchronize across devices to help you stay up-to-date.

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Receive reminders when it’s time to get vaccinated

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Carry your vaccination information wherever you go

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Get the facts about vaccination in your province or territory

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CANImmunize is available for:

iOS, Android, Mac & Windows

Who is CANImmunize?

CANImmunize is an Ottawa-based technology company specializing in immunization software. It developed the CANImmunize App, a pan-Canadian digital immunization tracking system that helps Canadians keep track of their vaccinations with a mobile app and web portal. The team offers digital solutions such as ClinicFlow to businesses, health care organizations and governments for vaccinations and tracking for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and other immunization needs.

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