A digital vaccination
record for Canadians

CANImmunize is a free digital tool for Canadians that securely stores your vaccination records and helps you get vaccinated on time.

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Keep track of your family’s vaccination records.

  • With CANImmunize Accounts, easily manage vaccination records between your smartphone, tablet, and on your computer.
  • Have a big family? No problem. Easily create and manage records for each family member.
  • Moving across Canada? Bring vaccination records with you and stay on-track with your new province or territory's vaccination schedule.

Never miss an appointment.

  • Customized schedules for each family member makes it easy to stay on track and on time!
  • Receive reminders about upcoming vaccinations right to your home screen.
  • Keep your vaccination status up-to-date with our easy-to-use vaccine search function.

Get the facts.

  • Get the facts on recommended immunizations by province or territory.
  • Learn about vaccines, when you should get them, and the diseases they protect against.

Have a Question?

  • Tap the “Information” tab to learn more about vaccinations and how they protect you and your family from disease.
  • Check out the “For Kids!” section with fun activities for children to learn about immunization, including the comic “Immunity Warriors: Invasion of Alien Zombies”.

Learn about disease outbreaks in your area.

  • See outbreaks of Vaccine Preventable Diseases in your area.
  • Find out how you can protect yourself and your family during an outbreak.

An electronic record.

  • Your immunization records can now be added to an electronic provincial immunization record
  • View all your immunizations and when you received them
  • Moving provinces? Find immunization schedules by province or territory

CANImmunize is available for:

iOS, Android, Mac & Windows