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Successfully rolling out
a COVID-19 vaccine

The rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine will be one of the largest and most complex mass health interventions in history. It will also be one of the most important.

Our Solutions
A mock-up of ClinicFlow for mobile and tablet.

“Our partnership with CANImmunize is helping us modernize our operations while making it simpler for staff and their families to get their flu shots at a crucial time in our COVID-19 response.”

– Guy Chartrand, President and CEO of Elizabeth Bruyère Hospital, Ottawa

CANImmunize offers solutions to:

  • Digitally track vaccinations at the individual level
  • Remind people of upcoming vaccinations
  • Find standardized terminology and COVID-19 vaccine product information
  • Monitor the safety and adverse event profile of multiple COVID-19 vaccines
  • Help hospitals, governments and businesses run large vaccination clinics efficiently and safely  
  • Digitally capture real-time data in mass immunization clinics
  • Inform Canadians about COVID-19 vaccine eligibility requirements

CANImmunize solutions are powered by the Canadian Vaccine Catalogue, the standards-based source of truth for vaccine terminology and vaccine product information in Canada. This allows accurate, high-quality data capture at the time of immunization and for different provincial systems to exchange data coded in a standardized way.

Thanks to funding from the Public Health of Agency of Canada, CANImmunize offers solutions to vaccinate Canadians against COVID-19.

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We offer a suite of digital solutions and tools, tested in research studies, that can help Canada successfully rollout a COVID-19 vaccine.

What is needed to support the rollout of COVID-19 vaccine

CANImmunize Team's Solution

Digital vaccine tracking at the individual level

CANImmunize app, possibility for integration with provincial repositories

Individuals will need to know exactly which vaccine they received (potentially 6 available)

Canadian Vaccine Catalogue integration maintained by the CANImmunize team

Individuals need to be reminded of series completion

Digital push notifications

Vaccine satefy assessments

CANImmunize partnering with CANVAS to implement mobile AEFI reporting

Helping Canadians know if they are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine

Adaptation of Adult Immunization Assessment Tool

Tracking vaccines provided to individuals and vulnerable Canadians

Immunization Clinic Management Software (CANImmunize Clinic Flow)

A digital vaccine platform which can be changed in real-time as evidence on the vaccine changes

CANImmunize public-facing app - banners, push notifications, knowledge centers, e-mails

Implementation Partners: Bruyere Continuing Care, Your Health Votre Sante Clinic

CANImmunize Clinic Flow Immunization Clinic Management Software

  • Launched at Bruyere Continuing Care and Your Health Votre Sante Medical Clinic, CANImmunize Clinic Flow gives organizations end-to-end immunization clinic management:
  • Patients can digitally book appointments, complete COVID-19 screening and provide digital consent for immunization prior to vaccination
  • Vaccine administrators digitally document vaccination details (e.g. vaccine product, lot number, etc.) at the time of vaccination
  • After immunization, patients receive a digital immunization receipt and can upload it directly into their free CANImmunize record
  • Organization receives patient data with consent, as applicable
  • We are in discussions with a national partner to support a potential mass influenza vaccination program among vulnerable older adults. CANImmunize is providing content expertise to the project as well as the Clinic Flow Module to digitally record and store vaccine data in the field. This will lay a foundation for the mass rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine by providing data capture, digital receipts to immunized individuals and reminders to return for booster vaccination.
A mock-up of ClinicFlow for mobile and tablet.
Implementation partners:
Sharing immunization information across systems

The Canadian
Vaccine Catalogue

  • The CVC will include standardized terminology and COVID-19 vaccine product information to enable the real-time capture and digital exchange of immunization recordsacross healthcare domains and jurisdictions. It is currently in use across Canada.
  • The CVC will be critical to the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine as potentially 6 different vaccines will be available, which will have to be distinguished for safety and effectiveness assessments as well as to ensure individuals receive the correct booster dose.
Read More about the CVC
Helping Canadians understand vaccine needs

Adult Immunization
Self-Assessment Tool

  • This digital screening tool can be adapted to help adults and healthcare providers understand guidelines, safety and eligibility for receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • It can be repurposed to guide Canadians to determine their eligibility for a COVID-19 vaccine. This will be essential as the eligibility criteria for this vaccine will be continually changing.
Partner: CANVAS

Mobile reporting of adverse events following immunization (AEFIs)

  • CANImmunize is partnering with the Canadian Immunization Research Network’s CANVAS program and building capability into the app to allow for mobile reporting of AEFIs, which will be essential for public safety when a COVID-19 vaccine comes to the market.
  • A randomized controlled trial of app-based reporting versus standard methods is being conducted this fall.
  • This prototype can be adapted for the COVID-19 vaccine and will have the necessary integration with the CANVAS network.
Partner: The Centre for Innovation and Research in Aging, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Immunization tracking for those living in Assisted Living Centres / Long-term Care

  • CANImmunize is building functionality for immunization tracking for seniors living in retirement residences and their caregivers, while providing data back to residence administrators. This will be important in managing COVID-19 outbreaks in these settings.
  • We will evaluate the impact of this on senior’s influenza and pneumococcal vaccination rates, in preparation for a COVID-19 rollout.
  • This project is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Healthy Seniors Pilot Project.
  • We have designed a prototype which has the potential to be brought into widespread use across the country.  If there is interest in this solution, we would request funds to provide for this scaling of the solution.

About CANImmunize

CANImmunize is a technology company specializing in immunization software. It developed the CANImmunize platform, a pan-Canadian digital immunization tracking system to help Canadians keep track of their vaccinations with a mobile app and web portal. The team offers digital solutions to businesses, health care organizations and governments for vaccinations and tracking, and is preparing for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Co-founded and led by Dr. Kumanan Wilson, an internal medicine physician, scientist and international thought leader in digital health, the CANImmunize team brings over 10 years of experience developing digital immunization solutions that are grounded in the latest science andadaptable to emerging evidence.

Since 2011, with generous support from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the CANImmunize app has provided Canadians with a way to digitally record, track their vaccinations and be reminded of when their next vaccination is due. In 2019, CANImmunize spun out from The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa into a startup company. Our deep knowledge and expertise in the science of vaccination, vaccination program infrastructure and delivery in the Canadian context sets us apart from our competitors, making our business well-equipped and ready to support the roll-out of a COVID-19 vaccine.CANImmunize is also an award-winning and internationally recognized pan-Canadian digital immunization platform.

Funded by the
Public Health Agency of Canada

Recognized by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and Deloitte Global as a model for consumer-facing immunization solutions

Certified by the World Health Organization's VaccineSafteyNet

Awarded the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunication Association's Connected with the Community Award

Identified as a leading achievement of the Federal Health Minister in 2014

Leading practice of the
Health Standards organization